image for blog article Greatest Yorkshire Terrier Pictures And Some Facts.

Greatest Yorkshire Terrier Pictures And Some Facts.

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Yorkshire Terrier, Small In Size But Big On Personality!

“Oh yes” never a more accurate word was spoken, a delightful little dog full of energy and character.

While I researched some information for this blog, it soon became apparent that these little dogs have quite an interesting history.

Although their ancestry doesn’t go that far back like, for instance, the Shih Tzu, nevertheless their history is still fascinating.

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As you can imagine, the Yorkshire terrier did originate in Yorkshire ( so no surprises there then,) in the 1800s miners working in the coal mines were plagued with rats, and so were breeding a variety of different terrier breeds intending to produce an all-round ratter.

Also in the mix, there were terriers from Scotland, due to Scottish people relocating to Yorkshire to work in the mills of that time.

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I see you.

Reliable information is scarce as to the exact origins of this breed, and we can see why when a letter dated 1886 stated that, the mill operatives “who ultimately defined the breed” of that time consisted mostly of ignorant men, who did not provide information readily.

The breed was known as a Yorkshire terrier due to the significant improvements that had been carried out in Yorkshire.

Back in these times anything vaguely having features such as a long coat with docked tail and blue on the body with silver throughout was considered a Yorkshire terrier.

But it wasn’t until the late 1860s, that a dog named ( Huddersfield ben ) was shown at dog shows throughout Great Britain, and this little dog defined the breed.

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Investigating the garden.
The Yorkshire terrier is cited as being hypoallergenic on many websites.

But although the dog’s coat does not fall out as much as other breeds when brushed, its the dog’s saliva and dander when touching that can trigger an allergic reaction.

It can and often does take up to three years for the coat to reach its final colour; some people keep the layers long and flowing while others keep them short.

I prefer them to be short-coated, a much cleaner and neater appearance in my eyes, but each to their own.

The average weight of these pocket rockets is about 3kg and height ranges between 20-23cm tall.

They live on average to 15-16 human years, and the word terrier originally comes from the word ‘Terra’ meaning earth.

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Brother and sister together.
This little dog usually is feisty.

This little dog usually is feisty, active, curious and very protective with an air of importance, they don’t often show the submissive nature as seen with your healthy lap dogs, and it would look odd if they did.

Because the Yorkshire Terrier was developed to work and hence must be given lots of mental stimulation, as well as long walks and perhaps some indoor games.

Despite being classed as a toy breed, the Yorkie is all about speed, action, and lots of love.

It’s not a breed to recommend for a household with small children, but more suited to the older family with children older than twelve.

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Fresh air in the garden.
When considering a Yorkie for your household.

It would be wise to contact a breeder who specialises in this particular breed.

You can find breeders by searching the internet looking at classified advertising websites such as

Here you will not only find reputable breeders that focus on one particular of dog but cats also, which leads me onto the next subject of buying a pet.

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I’m a princess.
Research Research Research!

Use the power of the internet and social media when researching the breed and breeders, “research is everything”. Is this breed the breed for you? Do you know anyone in your friends or family that has a Yorkie?

The internet is full of information to help you in your search and google is dedicated to showing you the best, but there is some misleading information out there so sort the wheat from the chaff.

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Out and about.
Pet rescue centre links.

I will include a couple of pet rescue centre links here, as people who read my blogs know that I like to give them some exposure.

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