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How Much Will A Puppy Cost To Buy And Look After.

What are the costs of buying and owning a puppy?

It is quite challenging to work out why buying a puppy from one breeder is dearer than buying from another, even when you are looking at the same breed.

A lot of breeders use classified Ad’s websites to advertise their litter of puppies, is one such advertising platform.

So How much is a puppy going to cost me to buy?

A lot depends on the availability of the breed.

The location of the puppies in the country will also have a bearing.

All the advertising sites that you view puppies on typically have information such as, whether the puppy is microchipped, Wormed, vaccinated and have had flea treatment.

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You may feel that you want to adopt a puppy or older dog from a rescue centre, and these to have a cost.

The average cost of adoption is approx £50, And from a breeder, the purchase costs range from £200 to £1000 and even more! 

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Why Such A High Price For Puppies?

Again a lot of this has to do with the breeder.

The more established and reputable he or she is can and often does influence puppy prices.

The reputable breeders have a business to run, So lets for a moment think of the reputable breeders running costs

There’s the parent dog or dogs health to consider, such as health screening with additional extensive checks for heritable conditions.

Such as hip and elbow dysplasia, and progressive retinal atrophy, these tests alone could cost many hundreds of pounds depending on the breed etc.

Then you have other costs such as stud fees and all the supplies needed for birthing and weaning.

Veterinary fees for a C-section can cost more than £500.

So as you can see this is just the tip of the iceberg and gives you some idea of how costly dog breeding is ( for the reputable breeder) So here is something to consider.

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The Cheap Puppy Price!

A puppy with a low price tag is more than likely to have come from a puppy farm/mill.

Buying such a puppy will undoubtedly lead to many health-related issues further down the line.

Remember the saying: if it seems too good to be true, it usually is.

The Higher Puppy Price!

Even these need further research, are the parent’s KC registered, do the parents and grandparents come from championship stock?

Is my chosen breed popular? Is there a high demand for this breed?

When you are ready and start to contact breeders, the reputable breeders will only be too willing to answer all your questions.

If you feel a breeder is evasive (steer clear) there are many more.

So What Is The Cost Of A Puppy Then?

In this article, we’ve shown you just some of the costs that a breeder incurs when breeding dogs, and this will influence the puppy prices.

Search the advertising websites that specialise in pets for sale! Here you will get an idea of the price scale for the breed your interested in and the availability.

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So now we get to the cost of owning a puppy/dog.

Remember the phrase “A dog is for life not just for Christmas,” and it is just as well to remember this phrase when it comes to the cost and care of owning a pet over its lifetime.

A well known UK pet insurance company has researched the cost and put it at £16000 over its lifetime.

And it doesn’t stop there, with the cost likely to grow 20% over its lifetime.

The average dog’s life expectancy is, on average, 13 years.

Food accounts for approximately 33.7% of the average spend on a pet dog.

Vet fees account for 15%, which will rise dramatically because vet fees are increasing up to 15% each year.

There is a pet obesity problem in the UK and millions of pet owners incurring expensive vet bills as a result.

Some well-known pet insurer brands are advertising on the internet as well as in vet practice near you, and You would be wise to invest in a policy for your pet.

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So when all said and done, we are a nation of pet lovers and will always have pets in our homes.

A pet can improve your health. Animals are natural stress soothers and can help to improve your mood, giving you a better outlook on life.

They also help you to make social connections within the community and even spark friendships.

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