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Lost And Found Pets.

Welcome to our lost and found pets section.

In this Blog article, I want to share some useful information with you to help in your search for a lost pet as well as facilitate through our sister website a free service specifically for lost or/and found pets in the United Kingdom.

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So, first of all, a few facts and general tips:

  • 90% of cats that are solely kept indoors are usually found within a five-mile radius of their home! And will generally find a safe place to hide in peace and quiet, and your immediate search should start around your property areas such as your garden shed and outbuildings ( not forgetting if the building is on a raised platform) to look underneath.
  • If your cat is an outdoor cat then 80% are usually found within a five-mile radius of their home, again start an immediate search of the property area just as mentioned above and gradually increase your search area to include knocking on your neighbour’s door and politely asking if they have seen your missing pet and would they mind checking their shed or garage,
  • If they seem unwilling to search themselves for whatever reason then offer to look for them, don’t forget to look under garden decking if possible.
  • Have you stored any old furniture such as beds or cabinets in your garden while you wait to dispose of them? These are ideal hiding places and again should be searched, if nothing is found check back a couple of hours later.
  • Social media is one of the best tools to aid you in your search, get a picture with the relevant information out on Facebook and ask people to share it amongst their friends and family.
  • If you have a torch available, you will find this very useful even during the day as it will illuminate their eyes, helping you to find them in hard to see places.
  • If you or a family member access to a printer then printing some (lost pet) A4 posters and distributing them to your neighbours is an excellent way of informing your neighbourhood that you have a missing pet.
  • If you have a local convenience store such as a spar shop or even a parade of shops, go in with your posters and explain your mission to find your pet (along with a sad tale of how the kids are distraught etc.) and let’s be honest anyone with a heart will be more than happy to find a small piece of shop window for a small poster to be put up.
  • Don’t leave it at that! If you have a community centre, pet supply store, and also veterinary practices, then visit these with your posters also.
  • Contact rescue and rehoming centres within a 20-mile radius to you and ask them to record that you’re missing a pet, make sure to give them the details of your pet as best you can, I will include a few links in this lost and found pets article for you to use if you wish.
  • There are also a few lost and found websites on the internet (some you have to make a payment), so I would go on the internet and see if there is any recommendations or reviews about a particular website, (such as successes or lack of) before parting with any money.

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Found you!

I know its a heart-wrenching time but remain calm because this will enable you to think a good strategy rather than being all flustered and flying off in all directions.

Remember that the more effort you put into the recovery of your lost pet, the more likely it is that you will have a positive result, so with that in mind leave no stone unturned and use many different ways to help your search.

Most of all don’t give up! pets who have been lost for months sometimes do turn up.

Be wary of the possibility of a lost and found pets recovery scam!

If you are contacted by anybody claiming to have found your pet, ask them to describe your pet as thoroughly as you can before giving any of your details to them, do not even consider a request for money for the return of your pet, although you might consider a small token reward as a kind gesture

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