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Stunning Mixed Breed/Designer Dog Pictures Facts & Care Guide.

Welcome to this Stunning Mixed Breed/Designer Dog Pictures Facts & Care Guide,

Quite a mouthful I know but when trying to think of a headline for a blog article is quite hard when it can only be a certain number of words and has to grab your attention. anyway here we are, and first of all, I will give you an insight about us and who we are with this link:

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labradoodle at the park.
Mixed breed:

Mixed breed, Crossbreed, mongrels, designer dogs, what on earth does this all mean? Or has the world gone mad! Well sometimes you would think that we are living on a different planet, today everybody has to be politically correct and what was perfectly fine to say ten years ago or even less cant be spoken today! So let us jump right on in and deal with the word ( mongrel ) mixed breed is the prefered synonym today as many people see the phrase mongrel as having negative connotations as well as being used in a derogatory manner, I have just remembered the term ( Heinz 57 ) from my younger days which back in the day meant mongrel.

For the rest of this article, the term used for non’ pedigree dogs will be a mixed breed in keeping with keeping things correct. But wait one moment! What about designer dogs and where do they fit? An excellent question because you would think that although a puppy has, for instance, a dad who is a poodle breed and a mum who is a labrador breed, then surely the puppy is a mixed breed? Technically this is true, and it was the media that gave them this label to start with, but ask yourself which is easier to sell and which sounds more prestigious to own a mixed breed or a labradoodle?

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Mixed breed puppy
Designer dog:

A designer dog ( which is a media label ) is a dog which parents were both different breeds, for instance, the mum was a Shih-Tzu and the dad a poodle hence the puppy is called a shipoo, the same goes for a ( puggle ) a cross between a pug and a beagle and I could go on and on as there are quite a few dogs classed as designer dogs today I will include a list to give you some idea. Cockapoo, Malti-poo, Peke-a-poo, Labradoodle, Goldendoodle, Goldador, Shi-poo, Puggle, Schnoodle, Yorkipoo, As you see there are many such dogs and this list isn’t exhaustive as there are many more.

Designer breeds were/are meant to combine the best traits and characteristics of two or even more breeds to finally achieve a particular dog with a lineage that can be traced back, unlike a mixed breed which cannot be traced back. For a designer breed to be recognised as a new breed investigation by an established kennel club, have to go way back into the dog’s parentage history and pedigree to establish the pure breed of the parents, grandparents etc., and they may confirm a new breed and just as well they may not.

The kennel clubs view on this is that: their primary aim is to promote and protect all dogs, as well as crossbreeds. As such, they may be registered on their Activity register, ( so they won’t be rushing to confirm new breeds probably, I believe because of the greed that follows popular dog breeds, as the kennel club ( quite rightly ) is concerned that there are some unscrupulous breeders are breeding these types of dogs to cash in on what’s in fashion today!

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While researching for this article, I wanted to find the facts which dog type is the healthiest, i.e. pedigree, designer, or mixed breed. To my surprise, for every scientific report, I found extolling the virtues of the health of one particular dog type I would find another report stating the opposite? The royal veterinary college scientist looked at 150000 medical records for both crossbreeds, designer, and pedigree dogs and the overall conclusion that there was no apparent difference between them healthwise!

Pedigree dogs:

A pedigree dog is one that has both parents of the same breed and is usually registered with a society or recognised club that keep and maintain the records for that particular breed amongst others. There are a few dog registration schemes in the Uk of which the kennel club is one.

There are many pedigree breeds in the Uk: Affenpinscher, Airedale Terrier, Akita, Beagle, Bearded Collie, Boxer, Cocker Spaniel, Corgi, French Bulldog, English Bulldog, etc., in fact, I counted 222 separate breeds on the kennel; club register.

It doesn’t matter the breed or type of dog that you get for you and your family, as long as the dog is compatible, happy and healthy.

Are you thinking about getting a dog?

If you are, what an exciting time this is for you and your whole family I know that you will want to do the best that you can to making dog ownership a happy and caring time for all concerned. So? Where do we go from here then? Well first of all at this stage its all about research, research is everything! The more you do now has a direct impact on your family’s happiness and health as well as the future of your pet.

image for blog article Which Breed Of Dog Is Best For Me? 5 popular breeds reviewed!
Which Breed Of Dog Is Best For Me?
  1. Have you sat down with the whole family and discussed this?
  2. Is everyone in the family prepared to do their part?
  3. Is dog ownership affordable?
  4. What about the holidays?
  5. Which breed would suit your home type?
  6. Who’s going to take the dog out when it’s pouring with rain?
  7. Is someone home all day? If not, what’s the plan?
  8. Are you going to buy a puppy or adopt?
  9. If buying a puppy, where from?
  10. If adopting, where from?

There are questions to be asked and answered, and this can still be fun, first of all, sit down with your family and discuss why you want a dog? How will having a dog enrich and change your lives? what can you all do for the dog? ( that’s as important )

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Find a Responsible breeder:

And this is oh so important I can assure you, do not part with any money for something you’ve seen on the internet and haven’t seen in real life yet. This isn’t eBay where you can automatically get your money back if the goods are not forthcoming. As we all know, most things can be bought off the internet from the millions of websites available to us at a click of the mouse, the Uk public, as well as people all over the world, ( buy online .)

And we have to protect ourselves from the criminal element that’s out there when searching the internet for a reputable breeder, and there are some excellent pet advertising websites just as there are some poor ones. You have to always keep in mind that these websites are only a selling platform for breeders to advertise their pets for sale. The right websites do the best they can to screen any unsuitable advertisers by using website moderators to examine the advertisement to make sure it meets the requirements of that particular platform.

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Gorgeous bulldog puppy.

Pet advertising platforms which use human moderators to investigate a breeders advertisement before being allowed, is in my personal opinion the best type of website platform to start your search. One such pet advertising website I can recommend is our own which meets the requirements listed above and is still family-owned and run the link is here:

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obedient german shepherd.

So let’s assume you’ve seen a couple of puppies advertised by breeders on a pet advertising website and your thinking of contacting them to find out more, what should you do next ( before making contact ). One crucial step is to compile a question and answer list to help you ask the right questions, and here are just some of the essential questions to ask the breeder.

  1. Are both parents available to view,  especially with the mother?
  2. How long have you been breeding this breed?
  3. Are you breeding any other breeds?
  4. Is it possible to call previous buyers for reference, and do you have contact with prior buyers?
  5. Are you registered with the local council?
  6. Are the puppies kennel club registered?
  7. Have both the parents been health tested, and is the paperwork available to view?
  8. What are the parents temperaments like?
  9. Do the puppies live at the address where they were born?
  10. Are the puppies socialised?
  11. Have the pups had their microchips, worming, and flea treatment?
  12. Do you use a contract?

This is a shortlist of the questions that you should be asking! As part of your research, you should go online and find more ( questions to ask a puppy breeder ) then compile a definitive list of questions to ask which you feel is essential to ask and have answered.

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visiting a responsible breeder:

Responsible breeders are breeders who provide a loving and healthy home for all their pets. And should be willing to show you their babies and their parents in their home environment, in 2018 the Uk government tightened up its animal welfare regulations. There is some handy information on their website regarding dog breeding and more, and I include the link here for you:

A responsible breeder will generally be willing to show you where their dogs spend their day, and it should be clean, well maintained and spacious, the dogs should appear fresh and healthy, lively and not shy away from you. You should be feeling that this could be the right breeder for you within a few short minutes of talking to them at this point, and if you don’t think that all is well or it just doesn’t feel right then make your excuses and walk away!

Don’t be put off with my recommendations for finding the right and responsible breeder for you. There are many excellent pet breeders in the Uk. Still, you have to realise that many aren’t, I liken it to buying anything in life there are the reputable and the not so reputable along with the downright criminal, but that’s just my personal opinion.

Pet forums on the internet are a good source of information along with advice from your local veterinary practice, have you got members in your family that have purchased a puppy or have adopted a dog? What were their experiences? And now that I have mentioned dog adoption, how do you feel about giving a rescue dog a second chance at life? Unfortunately, pet rescue/rehoming centres up and down the Uk are full to the brim with pets needing another chance at life!

On the flip side of the situation, I feel that we are lucky here in the Uk that we have dedicated and caring people who work, fundraise, and support these centres, as with all my blog articles I will include a couple of links to deserving rescue/rehoming centres. Adopting a dog that needs a home could be one of the best things that you could do, pet rescue /animal shelters have lots of superb dogs, pedigree as well as mixed-breed and including designer dogs.

General dog care:

A dog can be a fantastic addition to any home, and it doesn’t matter whether your an experienced pet owner or your adopting for the first time, the health of your pet and well being has to be one of your top priorities, below are some useful tips for everybody.

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Water, don’t you just love it.
  1. Puppies 8-12 weeks of age require four meals each day.
  2. Puppies 3-6 months of age require three meals each day.
  3. Puppies 6 months to 1 year require two meals each day.
  4. From 1 year onwards then feed one meal each day ( unless your vet recommends otherwise or your dog’s dietary needs are different from the norm ) if you are in doubt whatsoever contact your veterinary consultant for advice.
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compassion and caring

Dogs need exercise to stay healthy, burn calories, as well as to stimulate their minds, and the amount of activity will depend on the breed and dog type, neglecting this basic need will lead to disruptive behaviour and possibly health issues such as obesity later on in their lives. Not only is it beneficial in many ways for the dog but it also good medicine for us humans and there’s the social aspect of it as we will meet others on our walk and interaction is almost inevitable, I remember not so long ago reading that many people first meet their partner while dog walking.


You can keep your dog looking and feeling good with regular brushing and coat maintenance especially in the warmer months of the year, I have used the services of a professional dog groomer to groom our Shih-Tzu’s in the past. Still, now we have self-taught ourselves with the help of youtube and the use of professional clippers etc. when brushing your dog be sure to check for fleas or ticks as you go along, there are lots of preventative treatments available at your pet store or veterinary practice. Dogs usually are just bathed a few times each year, but again this all depends on your dog breed and any vets guidance.


A dog crate is such an ideal and useful piece of equipment for your home. It provides a nice comfortable place for your dog to sleep ( once furnished with a soft blanket and a couple of the dog’s favourite toys ). It can be used when transporting your pet to the park or veterinary practice if travelling by car, make sure the crate is away from any draughts and is in a low trafficked part of the room, keep the bedding fresh by washing regularly, its a good idea to have a few items of soft bedding so that one can be drying, one is being cleaned, and one is in use.

If your dog is spending most of the day outside, again comfortable, warm bedding in the shade should be available, along with copious amounts of fresh water.

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