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In most of my blogs, somewhere, you will find these words, “Research is Everything” because they are the key to your search.

Whether we are looking for a cat, dog, bird, fish or any other type of pets for sale in the Uk or animal, one of our primary concerns must be the health and well being of the animal involved.

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pets to love.
Internet Scams:

In most cases the internet today is a useful place to do our shopping.

We can buy most of if not all of the products and services for our daily needs.

We can book and pay for holidays with just a few clicks on our mobile phones and home computers.

There’s so much that we can search for and buy, from a light bulb costing pennies to homes abroad.

The downside is, the many opportunities the internet has given to unscrupulous people to scam us out of our hard-earned money.

And this, unfortunately, is the case not only for consumer goods offered and paid for, and never supplied such as an item purchased on eBay and others etc., but also in the online pets for sale in the Uk arena.

As well as the emotional hurt that people have to endure when they have been caught out and have a sick pet on their hands, there is the inhumane treatment that pets and animals have to face daily to facilitate certain peoples greed.

So where do we go from here? Well, there’s no doubt that shopping online is here to stay. And what’s more, it will increase.

And so will Pet and animal sales online, although I believe the regulations will tighten up over the next decade ( which I believe to be a good thing. ) But we will still all have to be on our guard!

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how much will a puppy cost
Most vets will recommend that you first do your research as to what type of pet would suit your circumstances.

Because of the kind of home, family members and the amount of time that you can give to your chosen pet, this must reflect in your choices.

Most of the information that you will find on the internet and from Vets will suggest and recommend that you get a pet from a reputable breeder.


Research is everything! I will use that phrase time and time again.

Within seconds of starting my research on this topic, I have found that between 2012-2018 victims were tricked out of £41ooo per month for pets for sale in the Uk as well as pet products, £41000 per month! How staggering is that?

I’ve included this link below as part of your research when looking for a pet or animal online.

Also, I have included a useful link to an excellent piece of information below.

However! All this said, I also believe that there are a lot of honest people out there, as well as legitimate classified Ad’s websites.

Our Website is one that we have built, and continue to refine continuously to ensure that it is ethical and in line with any future Uk regulations.

There is also other types of research that we can do concerning our search for pets for sale in the Uk.

Recommendations, from a member of your family and relative that has searched pets for sale in the Uk, and perhaps owns one? Where did they carry out their search, and what were their experiences?

Your local Veterinary practice should also be able to advise you, there are a lot of pet forums on the internet with tons of useful advice, once you have sorted the wheat from the chaff!

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 Bundle of energy.

The more questions you ask and are answered satisfactorily the, better your choice of a breeder will be.

Remember an unscrupulous breeder is only interested in your money,

A reputable breeder will be more concerned that a pet that they have brought into this world is going to a safe caring and happy home.

Hobby breeders and puppies raised from family pets:

I am not against a hobby breeder or puppies raised from family pets,

Many years ago we were hobby breeders for the Shih Tzu breed and had the first-hand experience of all that it entails.

Such as helping with the puppies births, weighing and recording their weights daily, administering supplement milk and microchipping, vaccinations, health-checks etc.

And then ultimately advertising pets for sale in the Uk! Being closely associated with a veterinary practice is a must!

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Gorgeous french bulldog.

Once again, I will state that research is a must! Its everything.

You’re looking for a breeder with an excellent reputation,

You’re looking for a breeder that answers all your questions to your satisfaction.

So what are these all-important questions that we should be asking then?

And what are the do’s & do-not that we should be thinking about then?

Let’s go to the must-ask questions when contacting breeders.

How long have you been breeding dogs?

If the breeder is claiming the puppies are from pedigree parents then ask to see the certificates. Make sure you check all the details.

Are one or more of the parents available for you to view?

It should always be possible to see the mother with the puppy but, sometimes the breeder may use a stud dog from elsewhere. It is quite a common practice but always asks questions,

Was it a friends dog?

What is their temperament? Like,

Is it fit and healthy?

Responsible breeders advertising pets for sale in the Uk won’t want the puppies mum to have bred with just any male dog.

Are the parents free from any genetic disorders? And what tests have been carried out to establish this?

And Is there paperwork to substantiate this if so read it.

Has the puppy been vet checked and microchipped?

The breeder should have had the puppy checked by a vet, they should be wormed, vaccinated and microchipped, and you must physically see the paperwork.

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compassion and caring
Has the puppy been socialised?

Observe how the breeder treats the puppy and how the puppy responds to the breeder.

Look for food bowls and toys to establish the puppy lives there;

Unscrupulous breeders will use friends houses for visits from potential buyers when, in reality, the puppy could be living in appaling conditions as seen in the media, such as puppy farms.

How old is the mum and how many litters has she had?

Some rules and regulations limit and regulate the amount of litters dogs can have in a lifetime here is a useful link with the UK gov guidelines.

Do not rush into buying a pet.

Do not meet anywhere that isn’t the puppies home.

It’s a must that you view the puppy with its mother and if possible the father.

Don’t part with any money until your entirely satisfied that this is the pet for you, and all the paperwork matches up etc.

what to look for in a puppy

So you’ve used this blog to help you put together a checklist, and you’ve arranged to view a litter of puppies.

How on earth do you choose one puppy from a bundle of excited and playful ones?

black and white shih tzu image for blog article.
Black and white Shih Tzu.
Pick them up one at a time!

Pick up a puppy and stroke all over its body, have a gentle squeeze here and there, rub their tummy, and let them chew your fingers taking the opportunity to feel their needle-sharp teeth and inspect their gums.

While you are holding the puppy listen to their breathing, is it regular and constant without wheezing.

Are their eyes clear and bright? If so that’s another good indication of a healthy puppy.

You will start to get the feeling that this is a friendly and happy puppy and although they will be wriggling all over the place they shouldn’t mind you touching them.

Put the puppy down and move away, the puppy should be interested in you and want to explore you further ( especially as they’ve just enjoyed a tummy rub).

Pick up a puppy toy and interact with them, checking their eyes movement and hearing at the same time.

Check how the puppy moves about the area are all the puppies moving the same way? Are they standing up straight? Are they walking normally?

Enjoy all the feelings you will have when choosing your pet to love.

It will continue over the many years as your puppy becomes one of the family.

Please remember this blog is just a helpful guide and remember research is everything when you’re looking for pets for sale in the Uk.

This list is very long so here is the link which covers how to get a dog responsibly.

Another avenue to consider in your search are animal rescue centres:

There are so many abandoned animals in the Uk that it is almost mind-boggling.

While doing my research for you and as I write this blog, I’ve seen the pictures on the internet of pets needing homes and its so sad!

Its bitter-sweet for me, bitter because they are there in the first place.

And sweet because they are being cared for by people that have a loving-caring nature towards animals,

And due to social media and the internet, they are on show for people to view quickly and possibly because of that will find a loving home. Looking at their faces certainly melt my heart. So much so that I have decided that I will also incorporate a new section-category in my website in the coming month to include rescue centre dogs advertising free of charge! Here below are a few more useful links for you.

Here we have some valuable blogs which may help you in your search:

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rabbit cuddles
Advertising tip:

You know that a great ad attracts attention; it also generates interest in your product or service and gives consumers a strong desire to investigate further and buy it.

Write an attention-grabbing headline.

The headline is an essential part of the advertisement if its vague or lacklustre people will pass it by, and move on to the next.

Example of how not to:

“Want to adopt a guinea pig?”

Example of how to:

Friendly, Beautiful Guinea Pig For Sale!”

You have to make it compelling, and it has got to grab them and force them to read on.


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