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Puppies Dogs Cats Kittens Horses And Their Owners.

The cat is believed to be descended from the African wildcat and used to catch vermin, and We know them best to have been closely associated with the Egyptians 400 years ago.

According to the latest DNA results, cats lived alongside us humans for thousands of years before they were domesticated.

They certainly didn’t rush into our laps, and their genes have changed very little from the wildcats they once were.

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Puppies Dogs Cats Kittens Horses And Their Owners.

Cats spread from southwest Asia and progressed into Europe as early as 4400BC. Of course, there was a plentiful food source throughout the Uk, farming communities with crops which were a haven for rodents etc. now become their hunting grounds.

No doubt this was mutually beneficial to the farmers because rats and mice have long been a problem on farms.

Not only are rats and mice capable of carrying up to 45 diseases, but they can also and often do contaminate farm feed, water supplies, and spread disease between animals.

People kept cats as pets in the victorian times mainly as animals to keep the mice population down, although they did feel affectionate towards them they weren’t as well-fed as dogs.

Back then, many people associated cats with witches; many people were put to death because the close association with an animal was considered a sign of witchcraft.

Many of the accused were often the older ladies keeping a cat or dog for companionship

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pets to love

By the 20th century, cats have become a popular pet to own.

Today Online advertising has become and will continue to grow the be the most important medium for our shopping.

It is also the case in the online presence of specialist pet advertising websites, such as

I cannot see a time when a pet or animal cant be purchased, And I agree with pet shops not being allowed to sell live pets.

I also agree with reputable breeders being able to sell their pets to vetted homes online.

I foresee rules and regulations changing to safeguard pets and animals welfare, and I wholeheartedly agree with that happening.

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Found you!

To this end, I will always offer free advertising on our website for lost and found pets as well as free advertising for reputable pet shelter /rescue centres/organisations such as those listed here:

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Cat cuddles.

Today there are many breeds of cats, in fact over 70 as listed in Wikipedia:

The Uk has been at the very centre for Dog breeding for many years now, since Roman times.

Many generations of Chinese emperors kept dogs, and as puppies had their wet nurses and servants.

And back in the days of the Egyptian pharaohs, dogs were sacred animals.

Dogs DNA is very complicated due to thousands of years of cross-breeding, and scientists have proven that the dog’s ancestry is related to the grey wolf,

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together forever

Also, there is some debate as to when the first domestication took place. Most researches agree that domestication took place approx sixteen thousand years ago.

And Others think that it could be up to forty thousand years ago? 

One of the first dog shows in the Uk took place in Newcastle in 1859. Today dogs fulfil many roles in our society, working dogs: Guide dogs, Hearing dogs, Mobility assistance dogs, Police dogs, Dogs used in the army, the list is almost endless.

Although the Uk is known to be a nation of animal lovers, we still have a long way to go to educate some of our population about the proper care of animals.

But we are by far one of the leading countries in animal welfare with many organisations dedicated to animal wellbeing, such as the RSPCA:

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Poodle relaxing.

Scientists advising our government have also declared the dog as being sensate, i.e. having feelings such as pleasure and or pain.

There is a considerable number of dog breeds now as listed in Wikipedia:

“Dogs got personality, and personality goes a long way”~Quentin Tarantino.

“The tree’s in Siberia are miles apart, that is why the dogs are so fast”~Bob Hope.

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Fawn greyhound.

Horses are thought to have been first domesticated approximately 500 years or possibly more ago, and have been around on our planet for over 50 million years!

Horses also belong to a group of animals known as Ungulates, i.e. animals that have hooves and have over 200 bones making their skeleton.

Although their average lifespan is twenty-five years, they can and do live longer.

We all know of some of the uses horse uses past and present, and it’s not until you stop and think about it that you realise OMG horses have been and done almost everything.

From pulling carts to facilitate fire-fighting, and pulling carts delivering all manner of things such as milk, bread, coal etc. Then you have horses used in the mounted cavalry, and the list is almost endless.

As with many other animals in our world, the horse has quite a lot of breeds which you can find in this link: 

Many horses kept are happiest kept in a herd, or with a stablemate.

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Just friends.

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