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The Very Best Shih Tzu Pictures And Facts.

Shih Tzu’s originated in ancient Tibet and China as long ago as 620 AD and was most popular with the Ming Dynasty.

When the Chinese were going through the Communist Revolution, between 1927-1949, the Shih Tzu breed almost died out.

Luckily for us today, there were  Chinese Shih Tzu owners that had kept their dogs and also bred from them. Seven males and seven females were all that existed back then, which is a far cry from today’s numbers, as their popularity has grown.

And so all of today’s Shih Tzu’s owe their heritage to those fourteen!

Todays Shih Tzu is known as a companion dog; it is very loyal and can be stubborn sometimes. But all in all this little dog is is both trusting and affectionate towards its family members.

We have twenty Shih Tzu’s which we love and do not breed from them! The boys are all neutered, and we live in the country within a walled piece of land.

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fresh air and exercise for this little Shih Tzu.

But no matter where you live these little bundles are just as happy living in an apartment in a city “providing they get their exercise” or in a cottage in the countryside, as long as they’re with you.

This breed possesses a double coat, and it is surprising while some are easy to clip, others can be a nightmare due to the soft undercoat. But with patience, they all are regularly groomed, more so in the summer though.

Shih Tzu puppies are mostly easy-going little pups and get along with almost anybody and anything, they are good with children as well as other dogs and cats, “although a lot depends on how you introduce one to the other”.

But no matter what breed of dog you have in the home and no matter how soft and gentle you think your particular pet is, always be watchful and be aware of the interactions between your pet and others.

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Black and white Shih Tzu.
Health Care.

Regular grooming is a must, Establish a healthy routine, and exercise regularly, feed healthy food and take your pet for a yearly checkup with your local vet.

If you follow the recommendations listed above, you won’t go wrong, carrying out the regular grooming gives you the chance to scrutinise your Shih Tzu checking skin condition, ears nose and teeth.

We all know that a well-cared-for pet is a happy pet, dogs amongst other types of pets are now classed as Sentience.

Which means they are capable of feelings, and experience pleasure and pain, suffering or pleasure, and more!

Searching for your Ideal Shih Tzu.

The Uk regulations relating to animal welfare has tightened quite significantly over the last year, which we can all agree must be a good thing, although more could be done.

So where to start your search? Just like everything else in our lives many of us go online to either buy our shopping and have it delivered or to buy that car part needed, and quite honestly no matter what some people believe this is how we live today.

Classified advertising websites in different guises have been around for quite a while now, and I believe there is nothing wrong with pets advertised on websites, provided the pets advertised are from responsible people adhering to the Uk rules and regulations.

I have come across people who have the opposite view, and pets shouldn’t be advertised on the internet, and that you should adopt your pet from an animal shelter . “really ” I don’t understand that view?

While I sympathise with the situation of pets in animal shelters, I also believe that our government could do more with legislation to do with a persons ability to care and maintain a healthy pet.

I believe we are doing our bit for this cause by offering a free advertising service for any reputable pet rescue/shelter organisation.

And for anyone who has lost or found a pet on the street.

However, it is up to all of us whether or not we are searching for a pet or advertising one for sale, that we have animals welfare in mind.

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Brother and sister together.

At we have 24/7 moderators with the very best intentions who inspect every advertisement before allowing it to go live on our website,

I have written some other blogs for our website which are listed below. Hopefully, you find them interesting, and they may help you with your search for a pet if your searching.

There are also many pet rescue organisations in the Uk, and I always try to include some links to their websites, such as these.

Remember, you can get just about any breed of dog including Shih Tzu from animal shelters.