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Which Breed Of Dog Is Best For Me?

There are many important things to consider before starting your search for a particular breed or type of dog for you and your family.

Dog ownership is such a big decision.

All the members of your family should be involved when considering which breed of dog to add to the family.

Some things to consider are, can we afford a dog? Is our home big enough? And do we have the time to devote to their care?

The cleaning up after your dog is also a significant area of responsibility for you as a dog owner.

Failure to observe the regulations and carry out the pooper scooping duties is anti-social behaviour, and hefty fines given to offenders caught committing this offence.

But all this aside, dog ownership has many rewards, such as companionship, a healthier lifestyle and of course, improved sociability-community.

There are 217 recognised breeds in the Uk,

And there are also many hundreds of cross-breeds, which have become very popular.

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Labrador Retriever.
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This is what I love to do.

The number one most voted for dog breed in a national newspaper in 2019 was the labrador retriever.

But is this breed of dog right for me?

Well, let’s take a look at the care, time, and resources needed to give them a safe and happy home.

They are, without a doubt, the worlds most popular assistance dog.

They help blind and partially sighted people negotiate our streets and roads.

Many are helping with all sorts of daily household duties,

Labradors Are Gentle Dogs.

They have gentle natures and generally not found to be aggressive, which make them one of the safest dogs to have in a household that have one or more vulnerable people.

These dogs also have quite a cheerful demeanour and are not known to being shy. They are also loyal to their owners.

Labradors are quite big dogs, so the emphasis is going to be on exercise! They were, and some still are, bred to work. And today they are used as gundogs as well as being our family pets.

Making sure your labrador is in the very best health, and is happy throughout his lifetime is a top priority.

It is very well known and documented today that exercise is directly responsible for a more healthy lifestyle.

This breed of dog is ideal for people with an outdoor lifestyle and like to include their dog, Including countryside walkers, beachcombers, and anyone involved in outdoor pursuits that are suitable.

Many of us have hectic lives, what with work, family, and any hobbies that we may have, including your labrador in your family means that you will always have something to do and somewhere to go.

But this doesn’t exclude people/families that are not outdoor orientated. Many labradors lead perfectly healthy and happy lives with owners that go walkies at least once a day.

So all this said if you live in a small flat with no outside space such as a large green or park available, or your not keen on regular walks, then this isn’t the breed of dog for you, no matter how good your intentions are!

Jack Russell.
jack russel image for blog article.
Jack Russel.

As you can see from the above picture, jack Russells are quite cute. But are you quick and smart enough to own one?

They are people lovers and are more than happy to live indoors with their owners.

They do best in a household with older children who are not inclined to pull them about and understand dogs.

So I wouldn’t recommend them if you have young children.

Jack Russells were, and some still are bred to outsmart foxes, so you can bet that these dogs are no dummies!

They are lively, independent, charming, and an intelligent, fearless little dog, he has a bold nature which sometimes puts him in harm’s way.

Aggression towards other dogs can be a problem if not tackled as a pup, and should never be trusted off the lead when outside.

This breed loves to run, jump, chew, dig and bark.

Jack Russells are an ideal jogging companion for you as he won’t be content with a sedate walk along a path, and will need s walks each day due to his high energy levels.

Be aware if you love your garden that digging is in their DNA, so if you have borders full of plants and pristine green lawn, then some training is going to be needed as well as good sturdy fencing.

Due to jack Russells being bred originally for digging up fox holes and the like, their coats are very short and thick to protect their skin, which means they shed hair quite a lot.

And you will find tufts of hair here there and everywhere around your home, but a good dog groomer familiar with this breed will be able to help the situation.

If you have the time and the patience to devote to this breed, then the jack Russell has excellent qualities that could make him the kind for you.

If you can supply him from a puppy with attention, training, supervision, and structure that this breed demands you could have a friend for life.

Jack Russells vary in sizes due to the different types for different reasons. They range from ten to fifteen inches at the shoulder and weigh thirteen to fifteen pounds.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier.
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Sturdy and strong.

These are robust muscular terriers and faithful, loyal companions and are patient with younger members of the family.

However, the old fighting spirit still lurks inside of them.

Whoever owns one of these dogs do need to be on top of their game.

This breed of dog is not for the novice or first-time dog owner, and It is of utmost importance that Staffie pups socialise with other dogs as well as humans.

I’m a great believer in research, and most of my blogs, if not all of them will state somewhere that research is everything, And I can’t stress this enough when considering such a powerful breed as this.

According to my research, staffies are an excellent family breed known for their human orientated personalities

They are a great companion, energetic, and smart. This athletic breed is ideal for accompanying you on daily walks, runs and hikes.

Although this is a terrier breed, this breed of dog has a bad reputation due to it being a member of the pit bull family.

Experts recommend owners use positive reinforcement methods and not punishment when training from a puppy.

Use Plenty of social interaction to ensure a well-rounded dog.

Intelligent breeds such as the staffie will get bored quickly if left alone to its own devices. They will find something to entertain themselves, such as chasing a squirrel in the garden.

They want to be part of the family, and they want to interact with you, they love to be on the setee with you at the end of the day.

As long as this breed has plenty of regular daily walks, they can live in the city as well as the countryside.

One of the most important considerations when choosing a Staffie is selecting a reputable breeder.

You can find dogs for sale at https://www.pets4uk.co.uk

You can also ask for recommendations from family or friends, as well as veterinary practises.

The breeder must know all there is to know about the breed, and time must be spent with the puppy to access its temperament and health before you decide if it is the right one for you.

Border Collie.
Border collie image for blog article./
Border collie.

As a family dog, this breed is very challenging

If you are looking for a quiet and calm dog, then I think you should look elsewhere for your ideal pet.

Now it is a different case if you want a breed of dog that you can work outside with, and one that will always be a challenge for you, then this is the one for you.

Super intelligent and a workaholic this breed excels at outdoor activities, such as assault course types, skills and games.

These dogs originally were bred for sheep herding and have been seen on many Uk tv programmes such as one man and his dog.

The border collie has a space between its shoulder blades, which allow it to sneak up on to the herd while crouching cat-like.

They are happiest when at work each day, and this must be taken into consideration when deciding on the breed as a family pet.

If these dogs don’t get enough exercise each day as well as socialisation, they will start to suffer from serious behavioural problems.

It is well known, and there have been studies also which show that cuddly dogs are great for improving a persons well-being.

The border collie has always been mans best friend and loves human contact, which makes it ideal for this type of work.

Border collies are a hyperactive type of breed and need lots and lots of daily activity, training should start early on in the puppies life for best results.

The border collie can go from being an outside working dog to a cuddle up on the sofa dog quite quickly.

And by the same token, this dog can be a sofa dog one second to a fully up and running working-dog the next.

The owner who fully understands the proper needs for this required for this type of breed will also know about the correct training and handling techniques, only with capable owners will the border collie show its outstanding capabilities and personality.

Cocker Spaniel.
cocker in the garden image for blog article.
Garden time.

The way to this fellas heart is via his belly! They love their food and will bond closely with the person that feeds him.

Cuddly, Sensitive, playful, a constant tail-wagger, can be stubborn at times, and very charming! Just a few words to best describe this breed.

Cocker spaniels love food, they could be in a deep sleep, but as soon as they hear a food wrapper, they will be standing at your feet.

You won’t need a doorbell, not with one of these guys in your home, they hear almost everything.

If you have children and you bring home one of these, then consider you have another child in the house.

Your kids will never be bored with one of these around; they will be devoted to their newfound brother and sisters.

You will need to know your groomer as this breed need grooming every four to six weeks.

They are susceptible to ear infections due to their long ears which frequently gets wet when they are drinking from their water bowls.

“Do they love cuddles, Yea you better believe they love their cuddles” It’s like having a floppy doll on your lap.

As with all breeds of dogs, exercise, diet, and care is everything; having a happy and healthy dog should make you happy as well.

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